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Welcome to Admiral Apocalypse Miniatures!!!

If you're looking for a high detailed 3D-printable miniature bases for your armies and miniatures and terrain STL files... is the right place!!!!

I'm Jack from Admiral Apocalypse Miniatures and I like to define myself a freelance nerd😁


I love create and work on 3d-printable models for war/ttrpg games and hobby painting. 

In particular, recreate different environments and scenarios on miniature bases and integrate them with tiny props or small terrain models is the thing I like the most!!!

So far I have created different set of STL files shared each month with Patreon supporters that you can check in the Round Base section!!!



Most of the STL files I've made so fare are already downloadable from the

 MyMinifactory store!


Official Stores

Buy STLs only on trusted stores

Check out the available 3d-printable bases and terrain models on Myminifactory & Cults3s store!

Support my 3d-printable creations! 

If you'd like to support my creations join my Patreon/MMF Tribe page!!!

Each month a set of highly decorated miniature bases & terrain props optimized for resin printing!

Welcome Pack and 40% off code on the whole store included!!! 

Join The Apocalypse Crew

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