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Corrupted Temple Pt.1 👿

Hi all!

How have you been?

I'd like to show you the first part of the current release.... Corrupted Temple👿

👉 Some notes:

1) The files are now under review on Myminifactory and they'll be shared once approved with the Deco/Commander/Merchant supporters

2) To prevent STLs leakage I'd prefer this month to share all the STLs through the Myminifactory system only!

3) I will send you an updated when any new files will be added to the bundle (included some pre-supported files which miss right now)

This bundle can be split into two main part:

  • The modular Archway

  • Standalone STLs

The modular Archway files includes:

  • 2x columns

  • 4x Archway parts

Colums have pin to join them with the part above. Instead the archway parts have holes to connect with 5mm magnets or the provided 'Connector.stl'--> to let you create the most preferred 'Archway Configuration' for your game/adventure

The 'Standalone STLs' include:

  • 2x Column base bits

  • 1x Column top bit

  • Candles

  • Gothic decor

  • Darkpact book

  • Demon Seal

  • Demon banner (banner + base)

  • Magic column

  • Sacriface

  • Alter

The pre-supported version of bigger files are also hollowed!

Now it's time to finish the Demon & the bases!!!

I hope you like them🙂


The Admiral

#3dprinting #miniatures #modellismo #warhammer #DnD #wargames #fantasyminiatures #gothicruins #gothic #templeruins

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